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Have the Funeral—No Matter What

Have the Funeral—No Matter What

There are few worse things than losing someone you love. Not being able to say goodbye to them the way you want could be one. The current pandemic has added a heavy weight to those already mourning the death of a family member or friend by taking from them a crucial step in the grieving process. From no funerals allowed to limits on who can pay their respects, many people have been forced to or have chosen to delay a funeral or memorial service for their loved one. 

From our decades of experience serving families in Riverside County, we have seen many families delay funerals for a variety of reasons: to make sure all friends and family are available to attend, to allow more time for planning a service, or because they think it will be easier once they’ve had time to process their grief. And we’ve witnessed many of those best intentions to hold a service never come to fruition. Not having a gathering at all can make the grieving process much more difficult. 

Family, friends and the communities we live in play an integral role in creating comfort and closure at the end of a life. We encourage families to hold some type of gathering, be it a traditional funeral, wake, memorial service, celebration of life, or small, intimate occasion, to give the people who loved the deceased a chance to say goodbye, honor their life, and find solace in others. 

The people of Miller-Jones are passionate about meeting the needs of the families we serve, and we will always work diligently to help you honor your loved one in the absolute best way possible. Our staff at all of each one of our locations – Hemet, San Jacinto, Menifee, and Perris – are available at any time to discuss your different options. This may mean postponing a funeral, or choosing to hold a smaller gathering at the time of death and a larger gathering later when it is possible. If it’s been years or even decades since a loved one has passed and a funeral was never held, it can still bring profound comfort, closure, and relief to have a memorial service now or once large gatherings are allowed. 

It’s never too late to honor a loved one. Being able to share their stories and grieve as a community will always help people heal, no matter how much time has passed. Our hearts are with the people in our communities who are experiencing loss and the added burden of the pandemic. Have a funeral, no matter how long it may take. We will always be here when you need us.