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Urns as Unique as Their Life

Urns as Unique as Their Life

The people we love aren’t like anyone else we know. That’s what makes them so special to us. When they pass, it’s natural to want to honor their memories in ways that reflect their own personalities and interests. Funerals, memorial, and cremation services allow the opportunity to incorporate unique details that reflect and celebrate the life of the individual. 

For families who wish to keep their loved one close by holding onto their cremated remains, the options have, up until recently, been limited to box-shaped or vase-like urns. In serving so many families throughout the decades, it has been our experience that many people want a more tailored vessel more befitting of their loved one’s character. Today they don’t have to settle for what’s only available through traditional manufacturing.

Miller-Jones now offers completely customizable 3D-printed urns, opening up limitless possibilities for memorialization. Hobbies, favorite buildings and places, adored pets or musical passions – anything one can think of can be carefully crafted, from pet urns that look just like your dog or cat, to individual urns modeled after their favorite pastime, to family urns that keep loved ones together forever. Families even have the option to print names, stories, or photos of the deceased on the urn as well.  

We work closely with families, discussing their loved one and their personality and interests, and offer creative guidance to help bring their vision to fruition. Before the final piece is created, families are given a quote, then provided a virtual 3D proof to ensure the urn is exactly as they imagined. The final piece is completed between four to six weeks after initially meeting with the family. 

We believe memorialization is a crucial part of healing from loss, and it is our calling to help families do so however possible. 3D-printed urns are a beautiful way to provide people with a personal piece of art that will be cherished for generations. 

If you’d like to know more about personalized urns, we are always available at (866) 822-4246.