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The Benefits of Preplanning for Veterans

The Benefits of Preplanning for Veterans

At Miller-Jones, we understand the tremendous sacrifice our veterans and their families have made in their lifetimes and are deeply honored to assist with laying a loved one who served to rest. We’ll always be indebted to our military members, and we take pride in making sure they’re never forgotten. One of the best ways to memorialize and celebrate a life well-lived is through preplanning.

Preplanning takes much of the emotional and financial burdens of making funeral arrangements off the family. When a loved one dies, grief can make it very hard for a family to make a long list of funeral decisions. Having a plan in place can make a difficult time a little easier while protecting yourself and your loved ones from tough decisions and rising funeral costs. This month, we’ll cover some benefits preplanning has for military members:

1. Understanding your benefits as a veteran. Veterans are entitled to certain benefits related to burial and cremation services and we work diligently to help secure them. Veterans who were honorably discharged and served active duty are eligible to be buried in one of the national cemeteries across the country. Specifically, the VA covers the cost of the cemetery plot, marker, vault, and the opening/closing of the grave for the veteran, their spouse, and any dependent children.

Additionally, veterans are eligible to receive a flag and a Presidential Memorial Certificate signed by the President of the United States. Having these items arranged in advance removes the guesswork from families who have recently lost their loved one and aren’t sure where to start. Securing paperwork and subsequent benefits can be an added strain on a bereaved family.

2. Ensuring your wishes are known and carried out. Preplanning involves letting your funeral director and family know how you wish to be honored, down to every detail. It ensures your wishes are carried out and the decision-making process isn’t placed on a grieving family who might be unsure of what items their loved one would want to be incorporated into their service.

Even the details of a traditional funeral with military honors needs to be decided upon. Preplanning also ensures that you will be cremated or buried per your preference, and your remains laid to rest exactly where and how you want. Planning ahead of time also allows you to add the personal touches you want to make your final goodbye reflect your personality.

3. Preplanning eases financial burdens. It’s commonly misunderstood that the VA pays for all funeral or cremation costs. The VA doesn’t directly pay for items or services relating to a casket, embalming, cremation, a viewing, flowers, obituaries, or transportation of the remains and the family. These costs typically fall on the family. With preplanning, you ensure those costs are already taken care of while protecting families from inflated costs in the future.

4. Preplanning eases the burden on a grieving family. When a loved one passes, a family goes through many overwhelming emotions in addition to grief, and it can be difficult to make funeral decisions at a moment’s notice. When a veteran takes the time to prearrange their funeral, not only are all of the services planned and paid for, but all of the information needed to secure their benefits are addressed as well. This allows families the opportunity to honor, reflect, and celebrate their veteran without the looming weight of planning both the funeral arrangements and veteran services.

Veterans dedicate their lives to serving our country and protecting our freedoms. At Miller-Jones, we help provide our brave men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much – and their families – a proper and distinguished send-off as honorable as they lived. Throughout the preplanning process, we’ll work with you every step of the way and ensure your wishes and benefits are carried out.

For more information, please visit our veteran's services page or call one of our locations in Hemet, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murietta, Perris, or San Jacinto at (951) 658-3161.