Pre-Planning FAQs

Everything you need to know and want to ask about pre-planning.

The Basics of Planning

Here's a break-down of the process:

  • Set goals
  • Review limitations
  • Look at available options
  • Weigh the pros and cons of each option
  • Talk to others about the best options
  • Arrive at a final decision

In the case of funeral pre-arrangement, another two important steps are involved:

  • Write out your plan with as many details as possible.
  • Send your plan to the funeral home and provide a copy to your executor.

Why Pre-plan?

  • Allows you to make your wishes known, so your loved ones won't have to guess. They won't be left wondering if they did the right things.
  • It eliminates emotional overspending from grief or guilt. It can bring peace of mind to your family's decision-making.
  • Gives you a chance to personalize your funeral and make it a tribute to the life you lived. It's a great way to get your loved ones involved and makes it a more positive experience.
  • Relieves you and your family from future financial responsibility. Our funeral home has options to make sure your funeral is fully funded and price protected years in advance of your need.

More than 80 percent of Americans age 30 and older think funeral planning is a good idea. Follow our funeral pre planning services to learn more about why you should plan ahead.

Points to Consider When Pre-planning

  • Choose a reputable funeral home that has a solid track record in the community.
  • Make sure your funds are secured in a separate insurance policy.
  • Consider the needs of the living. Your thoughtfulness enables your survivors to participate in a meaningful final tribute that helps them grieve and gives them comfort.
  • Make sure your funds are secured in a separate trust fund or insurance policy.
  • Consider the needs of the living. Your thoughtfulness enables your survivors to participate in a meaningful final tribute that helps them grieve and gives them comfort.
  • Like any contract, before signing, read it carefully and make sure you understand all the provisions. Ask questions. 
  • Keep a copy of your plan in a safe place. Inform a close family member or friend that you have made arrangements and where the documents are kept. 
  • Put everything in writing that you discuss, and get copies for you and your family. 

Record Your Wishes?

There are many benefits to end-of-life planning. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider making your funeral arrangements ahead of time:

  1. It means there will be fewer opportunities for argument and indecision about your funeral arrangements among family members after you're gone.
  2. Your survivors will never have to worry about doing the wrong thing when finalizing your funeral arrangements. You will have told them exactly what you want.
  3. No mistakes and no oversights. After you're gone, everything will be done your way.
  4. You have peace-of-mind now knowing that we will follow through with your wishes.
  5. After your death, no one can make any decisions you wouldn't want.
  6. Funeral pre-planning is the responsible thing to do. It removes the burden from family members.
  7. You can make complex decisions ahead of time when you have the time to think things through.
  8. Funeral pre-planning can involve pre-payment. This will save your family money and avoid any financial burdens.
  9. Funeral pre-planning involves an awareness of the reality of death.
  10. You are almost guaranteed to get what you want.

Who Should You Choose?

Reputation Matters! The Jones Family has been working and living in your community for over  50 years.  The death of a loved one is among the most difficult of times in your life. It is wise to plan ahead and choose based on the quality of care you and your survivors will receive.

These are just some of the benefits you receive from us:

  • Family owned for over 35 years, committed to doing what is in your best interests. Many other local providers are part of a large conglomerate and report to faraway stockholders.
  • Finest, most modern, and most comfortable facilities in the metro area, including tasteful and comfortable places for celebrations of life, final goodbyes, and receptions.
  • 98% satisfaction rating for the last 3 years on surveys from families we have served.
  • Service Guarantee that assures your satisfaction with our work.
  • Fair and reasonable prices
  • Rapid and responsive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We own and operate our own facilities. Others may take days to accomplish what we can do in hours.
  • Free grief support for adults and children.
  • Resources to help settle an estate.

What You Need to Know about Cremation

Cremation is being chosen for one out of every four deaths occurring today. The most accurate and current figures on cremation rates are collected by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), which covers the United States and Canada. These figures project that by the year 2010 the U.S. level of cremation will be two out of every five deaths, with urban areas higher than rural.

Here are five common questions and answers:

Q: Who owns the crematory?
A: We do

Q: Where is it located?
A: Palomar Road, Homeland Ca

Q: When can I visit the crematory?
A: Anytime 

Q: How can you assure me that you cremate responsibly?
A: We cremate only 1 person at a time in our own crematory, staffed by good, honest people who sign fidelity oaths attesting to their personal commitment to our high standards. 

Q: Where do I go to identify and verify the identity of my loved one before the cremation takes place?
A: Our tasteful facilities make this easier. Others who use 3rd party crematories may not have a facility and will attempt to downplay this need.

Menifee Valley Memorial Park is the most unique cemetery and is the area's finest choice for permanent memorialization. Honor your loved one and give yourself and future generations a place that will provide inspiration and consolation to the living.

For more information on Pre-planning for a Cremation Service click here.

Before seeing us to help you plan your funeral, it may be helpful to check out our "What is a Funeral" page to get an idea of the common features for all funerals.