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Pre-Planning FAQs

Funeral Pre-Planning FAQs

We answer some of the most common questions about advanced planning.

Losing a loved one is never easy. Planning a funeral when you're already in the depth of grief is even worse. Although thinking about the end of your life can feel uncomfortable, taking the time to pre-plan for your own funeral arrangements can be a tremendous gift to your loved ones and lift a burden from them at this difficult time.

Many people don't realize that pre-planning is even an option, or don't know how to get started. We've assembled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Miller-Jones Mortuary & Crematory below, but you can always reach out to us with your additional questions at 951-658-3161.

What is Pre-Planning?

Pre-planning is deciding on and arranging for what happens after you die. It includes deciding on the practical aspects of your body’s disposition, such as whether you'd like to be buried or cremated, what cemetery or final resting place you'd like, and any specific preferences you have about embalming, public or private viewings, and other end-of-life services. It can also specify exactly how you want your funeral or memorial service to be planned, from what music is played to who delivers the eulogy.

You'll sit down with an experienced funeral director and answer questions to fill out pre-planning paperwork. Your wishes will be recorded and safely stored until they're needed. When that day comes, your family needs only to alert the funeral home. Everything will be taken care of from there.

Why Should I Pre-Plan My Funeral?

Laying out your wishes clearly in advance saves your loved ones from having to make these decisions while grieving. When plans aren’t set in stone, conflict can arise from disagreements over what the deceased would have wanted or the best way to honor their memory. Handling small logistical problems like transportation and music choices can feel overwhelming when emotions are running high. Having these questions already answered well before the funeral eliminates this unnecessary stress and gives people time and space to focus on their grief and healing instead.

Planning in advance also gives you the opportunity to pay for the expenses up-front or make payment arrangements. Unlike life insurance plans that may take some time to pay out and could be held up or interrupted by outside obstacles, pre-paid funeral arrangements are guaranteed and available when you need them. Saving your family from the stress of finding money for funeral expenses when the time comes might be the last gift you give to those you love.

I'm Young, Should I Still Pre-Plan My Funeral?

It's never too early to plan ahead. In fact, pre-planning your funeral while you're young and healthy is the best time as it allows you to approach the process with a clear head and no emotional pressure. Many people first approach us about pre-planning after experiencing a loss of a loved one and realizing they don't want others to feel the same stress and uncertainty as they did.

What If I Move Away or Change My Mind?

Your plans are kept secure until the day they're needed, but they're not set in stone. If you change your mind about some aspect of your plan, you can simply reach out to the funeral director to make those updates. If you move away or want to use a different funeral home than the one you've chosen, the plan can be transferred to a different funeral home as well. Just call the funeral director and they will make those arrangements for you.

I Have My Wishes in My Will, Do I Still Need to Talk to a Funeral Home?

While having official documentation in your will or a safe place in your home is a good idea, there are no guarantees that your loved ones will know to access it in time for a funeral. Often the will and other legal issues are not handled until after the funeral. Having your wishes formalized with the funeral home ensures that everything goes smoothly, and your wishes are taken into account. Pre-paying also allows for the funeral to be handled without waiting for any legal processes or insurance claims to release funds to the family.

How Do I Talk to My Family About Pre-Planning?

Discussing your end-of-life plans with your loved ones can be an emotionally charged and even distressing task, but it's important that you let the people closest to you know your plans. They should at least be aware of whether you want to be buried or cremated, what funeral home you're working with and whether the arrangements have been paid for in advance. This allows them to reach out to the funeral home right away in the event of your death and saves them from the stress of guessing what to do.

How Can Miller-Jones Help Me Pre-Plan?

Miller-Jones has been helping the families of Hemet Valley and Inland Empire find rest and peace of mind during loss since 1975. Whether you're pre-planning for your future needs or facing the death of a loved one, we're here to take care of everything. When you're ready to begin, we'll meet with you to discuss your options, ask some questions to learn more about your needs, and put together a comprehensive plan for your funeral or memorial services. Afterward, we'll keep your information safely stored and ready for when they’re needed. Call us today at 951-658-3161 to get started.