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How To Plan a Funeral Service

When You Pre-Plan, You Do Your Funeral Services Your Way

Your final arrangements should be an expression of who you are.

One of the many benefits of planning ahead is making your funeral services a unique reflection of your life and personality. A funeral isn’t just your final goodbye. It’s a way to express yourself one last time. Miller-Jones has been helping Hemet Valley, California families pre-plan their funeral arrangements since 1975, and we are here to help you make your final arrangements uniquely you. Here are some things to think about as you plan.

Choosing Your Services

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when you pre-plan is the type of service or services you want, and if you want to be buried or cremated. If tradition is important to you, you could choose to have a viewing, a funeral service, and a graveside service. This is the time to decide if you’d like any religious services, such as a Rosary or Kaddish, or a military service.

If a traditional funeral service doesn’t feel right for you, you might consider a service that is less formal, like a memorial service or celebration of life. If you’ve chosen cremation, you could consider a scattering ceremony. These services are each highly customizable, and no matter which you choose, we can help you decide how you’d like to make them a reflection of your unique personality.

Personalization Makes Your Funeral Services Your Own

After you’ve decided what kind of services you want, you can start to make the decisions that will make your funeral unique. We suggest involving the help of close family and friends. They know you well and could have valuable input. Here is a pre-planning checklist to help you as you plan:

1.    The Guest list Your guest list will always be flexible to accommodate friends you make along your journey through life, but you can make important decisions now about who you’d like to be at your funeral services. Write down the names of family and friends who are important to you. Then, you can get an idea of how large or how intimate your services will be. This can help you plan where you’d like your services to take place.

2.    The When And Where Maybe you’d like your services to happen early in the morning, or at dusk. Or you’d like everyone to gather at one of our convenient locations. You can also hold services at one location, and then hold a reception somewhere important to you. Keep in mind that you might have friends and family coming in from out of town, and whatever you choose should be as convenient as possible for them.

3.    The Eulogy And Speeches This would be a good time to talk with your family and friends about who might like to deliver a eulogy or give a less formal speech, especially if you know someone who is a particularly gifted public speaker. It’s important to choose those you’ve had a close relationship with and who will have something meaningful to contribute.

4.    The Readings And Music Here is where you can really make your funeral your own. The music your guests will hear will set the tone of the services, and your selections can be very personal. Are there particular songs or artists you feel say a lot about your experiences? Your readings can also paint an intimate portrait of you and your life. You can choose religious readings, poems, or even favorite passages from treasured books. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

5.    The Food And Beverages If you choose to have a reception, you can plan the menu down to the last detail. What are your favorite foods? Is there a certain dish that your friends and family associate with you? You can even do this potluck-style to create an intimate and nostalgic atmosphere.

6.    The Theme And Decorations Is there a particular hobby of yours that you feel says a lot about you? You can make that your funeral service’s theme. You can also choose which photographs and other objects tell your story and should be prominently displayed. Are there things of yours that you’d like your guests to take home? This can be a meaningful way for your friends and family to keep a part of you close.

Start Planning Now

Miller-Jones Mortuary & Crematory makes pre-planning easy. To get started, call us at (951) 658-3161, or fill out our pre-planning form. We are here for the families of the Hemet Valley 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

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