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7 Things People Ask About Preplanning

7 Things People Ask About Preplanning

Thinking about your own death isn’t something most people prefer to dwell on. But it is something we encourage people to do. As much as we’d like to put it out of our minds, death is something that will happen to us all at one time or another. Thinking about your own funeral will help you figure out what your final wishes will be. But actually preplanning, or recording your arrangement preferences and vital information in advance, will alleviate your family from having to go through the planning process and make a long list of decisions themselves.

Miller-Jones Mortuary & Crematory has helped many individuals with advanced planning over the decades. We’ve answered some of the questions we hear the most to help people understand the benefits that preplanning can provide.

1. Why should I preplan?

End of life planning frees your loved ones from the financial and logistical stresses of having to do it themselves during an already emotionally painful time. But there are more benefits than that:

  • It’s your funeral, right? Preplanning lets you say goodbye in a way that reflects your wishes, your personality, and your unique style.
  • You save money. By prepaying for your funeral, you give a priceless gift to your family. It also guarantees you won’t have to pay inflated prices years or even decades in the future.
  • Advance planning helps prevent disagreements between family members. Oftentimes we see families have very different ideas of what their loved one would have wanted.
  • Preplanning prevents overspending. Grief can cause people to spend more than they normally would or are able to.
  • Preplanning gives so much more than a funeral. By taking off the burden of planning and paying for your services, you give them more time and space to be with the people they love.

2. Why would I plan my funeral when I’m not sick or elderly?

Before it’s too late is always the best time to plan your final arrangements. When you plan when you’re of able mind and body, you can make better, rational decisions. It allows you more time to think about your options, to discuss them with your loved ones, and to make any changes down the road. Again, we can’t know when we will pass. But we can have peace of mind knowing everything is already taken care of.

3. How do I know my wishes will be carried out?

When you make your plan, you have the option to choose whether or not your family is authorized to change your funeral plan. When you complete your pre-arrangement forms, a permanent file is kept safe with Miller-Jones. When you die, one of our funeral directors will share your plan with your family.

4. What happens to my plan if I move?

Changing over an advanced arrangements policy to another funeral home, whether they’re in the same town or out of state, is actually simple. When you create your policy, it belongs to you. Just inform the new funeral home of your existing plan and apply for a transfer. When you pre-pay, the funds are held by an insurance company by law. This protects you in the event the funeral home closes or you or your family relocates.

5. How much does preplanning cost?

The cost of preplanning depends completely on what kind of funeral services you choose. At Miller-Jones, we have a wide range of cremation and burial service options that vary in pricing. We always recommend that families schedule an appointment with one of our preplanning counselors to get a customized cost estimate that is specific to their preferences.

6. What if I’m not sure what I want?

A preplanning counselor will guide you through your options and help you choose the options that are right for you, your family’s needs, and your budget. We give you all the time you need to think about it. We know these are important decisions, and we never want you to feel rushed.

7. Does preplanning cover cremation?

Yes, preplanning covers every type of interment (or the final handling of remains). Whether you choose a simple cremation plan, a traditional funeral with cremation, or any type of service in between, planning ahead makes sure the financial responsibility is taken care of and communicates your wishes.

At Miller-Jones, we believe the preplanning process should be convenient and make families feel as comfortable as possible. Families can choose to have one of our advisors come to their home, or meet at one of our five funeral home locations throughout Riverside County. If you prefer, we have remote appointment options via Zoom or over the phone. You can even get started planning online. If you’d like to learn more about advanced planning, call us at (951) 658-3161..